Thursday, March 28, 2013

003: Blazing Nuggets

RON, a shy rooster on a Southern farm hopes to get gorgeous hen’s (LARA) attention by becoming a fireman, but his applications to the Texas Fire Fighter Academy are repeatedly rejected for “not having hands”. One day, due to a clerical error, Ron is accepted and begins rigorous training under an insanely tough instructor, overcoming his lack of hands with astonishing creativity and power of will. As Ron excitedly boards a bus to go home in uniform for the first time, his class is urgently called to a multi-alarm fire at a fried chicken restaurant, where Ron is shocked to find Lana with another rooster. Ron is forced to put his feelings aside and do what’s right.

BLAZING NUGGETS is Officer and a Gentleman meets Chicken Little.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

002: A Bloody Mess

PETE, A healthy American kidney gets stolen from a naive tourist during the carnival in Rio. He escapes from his captor and tries to find his way back to his rightful owner, only to find out he was intended for a vicious crime lord who would stop at nothing to retrieve him, including kidnapping a beautiful Brazilian half eaten pork chop Pete met in a hotel garbage dumpster. Ultimately Pete must choose between risking his life to save his new love or reclaiming his comfortable and safe life inside his owner.
- A Bloody Mess

Monday, March 25, 2013

001: Double Down

A smooth talking black cat is abandoned in Las Vegas for causing bad luck. He enlists the help of a naive guide dog to try and get back home. 

~ Double Down.